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i was born on 27 january 1992. so here you can know my age. "tesshiro" just my nickname when i be a user in internet, but some of my friend love call me like that, i mean "tesshi". well outside almost my friend address me as "shiro", they love to call me "shiro-chan" as i'm quite small(my friend love to teased me as cute especially my japanesse friends). i'm quite childish and boyish.
i'm crazy a lot to JE's boy.
my favorite group is V6 and tackey&tsubasa. i love miyake ken and tsubasa imai.
anyway i'm also love morimoto shintaro, also the other members of snow prince gasshoudan(not all).
in my journal, usually i'm posting picture. i'm also love to write my diary here(i mean my opinion and i call it diary). besides i also post the other things. since the things is allow to re-post so i'll share it to my friends. fell free to add me and we can chat sometime(sent a message) and i love to know well my others friend(also others LJ user).
kiotsukete~ *love*


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