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15sept2009(food,drink in my life)

Tesshiro is pyan-pyan!!!

today(140909) i got to learn a lot in the school(i think!)...
well, i'm little fell to write about food and drink in my life..
what type of my favourite food and drink?
actually i dont like sweet..i'm really hate sweet..almost my food is less sugar..
because i dont like sweet, so i do no eat chocolate and cake but i still eat it sometime~
usually i do not add any sugar in my drink, is better i drink it with tasteless..
i not really know whats my fav food..but i'm very sure my best drink is fresh orange and milk!!
let me think for a while...maybe i love fried rice??hmmm

i wonder when takki will make performance together again with tsuba-niichan?
okada is sukebe!!!
kenken kawaii~~~~~~
finish watch koishite akuma...
V6 are adorable!!
i hate news lately....hate tesshi!!~~~
love gif pic, wanna make it but do not have any software to make it~~~

now i fell so sleepy and should take a sleep now..after i said my prayer then~~~