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boring though theres a lot of thing i should do~~

i'm skip my class today (again!!), fell chotto boring there seem i got some problems with my friends..
since morning just wandering around internet searching for something interesting..
while take a look in
kyomototaiga  i found HD update video from tina-chan..
i love this performance, first time got to see taiga-otsuka interaction..,
tina-chan,you such a great in posting shounen club's performance, like others, oza-chan and kelwy..
i think long time not to see them performance.. i got problem when failed in download it..
hontou ni slow!! but i tried for the second time..hope this will work..

also found about v6..recently they got my heart..and i choose kenken for my lovely boy..
his voice so great! make me thinking to chinen..
their voice rather similar..neway, i found that inohara will having a baby, this is a good news!!
and for the really, i just know that inocchi married!!!! hahaha..what the stupid fans~~
i'm not really like okada..don't know what the reason is..

i just finish watch shintaro's part in drama koishite akuma, thx to
skyhoi35  for upload it..
cant wait for the dvd release, i do not really like to watch it online..
wow, love to see shintaro's acting in this drama..and yuma-shintaro relationship make me excited ^-^..
what about ryutaro's feeling when shintaro seem like got lots of job??
acting and perform....~

i'm also just posting something bout tackey&tsubasa, miss them so much..
dont know when they will mix again, takki still have solo performance till next year..
while they should separate?? have any communication problem between them?? i'm curious to know that..