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tesshiro's land

This journal is F-Locked.
The unlocked posting are my opinion(diary), some article and etc....
Usually i'll not approved no-entry-at-all LJ
i'm in the middle of "buzy" zone right now.
please leave your comment here, anything what you want to say, i don't mind...but please don't leave any bad critic here~ *wink*
say something and i'll add you~


checked my own 'land' here, last update is in 2012, how much time had past

well said, miss to updating this journal. miss to narrate the ridiculous story here. howwayu guys?


miss this guy

currently project

ok, since i'm now in holiday mode, so i just download and download....
currently project that i download are

tackey and tsubasa:concert-Arena 2007, concert-5th Anniversary.

the next project,

tsubasa imai: concert-Dance & Rock

V6: Gakko E Ikkou
tackey & tsubasa:concert-Hatachi

shonen club: jrs performance
V6: concert-some part of Music Mind subbed

well, thinks to download Shock, but not really sure to download it or not.


he is tsubasa imai

he always nods his head.
he always smile.
he like to exaggerate.
he is mischievous person.

he is tsubasa imai.

i'll edit this time by time. when i notice what i like about him, i'll come here and add it.

tsubasa imai: kid and young time~

there been so long i do not update this journal...busy~~~~
i miss tsubasa damn much!! every day every seconds, hehe....just finish watching tsubasa cooking squid cuisine...looks really delicious...i hope i have microwave one so i can cook like tsubasa do...neway want to post some of tsuba pictures~

tsubie~Collapse )

all the picture credit to the owner~

harajuku fashion+visual kei

seem like i'm little boring waiting for my download.
I'm really crazy about picture. well i found harajuku fashion picture. i love to post in my journal.
harajuku fashion is really great! however old generation(japan) said that japanese teenagers now are  immoral with thats habits. ahh i should show some of the great pictures here. 

harajuku 01harajuku
visual kei~Collapse )

today bout my fav~

I'm very sorry to all my friends whether in LJ FS FB YM or others. I can not online after I'm migrated from my old house. I can not say anything, thats my papa's job.

Johnnys Countdown 2009-2010
I can not download it since I force to go CC to surf internet so I don't have much time to leisure it. V6, my very favourite group in JE, give me much more suprised! they do backflip at this countdown? what the hell are they thinking to do that? no one can't deny that they not young anymore!! especially leader, oh God i don't want to mention his ages~ I'm crazy with this backflip and feel hontou ni sugoii to watch them do it but i'm still worried for sometime. Whatever, don't mind it since they are very good doing backflip. Tackey&tsubasa, other duo that I look forward. I'm very2 glad found that they sing together in this countdown. I wait this for long time. I can feel my eyes is welling with tears after seeing my oniichan,Tsubasa Imai, come back with his young image. I miss him damn much! Actually I don't know much 'bout this countdown. I just watch certain part in youtube. I do not have much time since I'm doing lots of thing in one time. Others information is mention by my sis. I'm still upset because I hope the new temporary group, Snow Prince Gasshoudan, will have performance too here but they just juniors so theres no hope for them. Shintaro gambare! make sure you can be in Johnnys countdown next year!!! ^_^

Okada Junichi, I say that I'm not very like him before but I found that I'm damn in love with him now! I love to see his smile or when he doing prank to the others. Sometime he like child thought he is the matures in this group. I'm very love when they(kamisen) play together especially when they play pranks. Oppsssss... I must mention that the ichiban in my heart is miyake Ken! I'm love him damn much, more than okada~gomen ne jun-chan! Miyake ken become more younger with his hair style...he now 30+++++ years old!!When i ask my friends, "what do you think his age?" most of my friends will ans "I think this boy maybe 18's, or 19's or 20++.."
but some of my friends also ans something make my heart hurt, they said, "OMG!! this group so old!" I can not deny they not young anymore but they are so amazing and very2 talent group~~

Tackey&tsubasa, I'm very glad to know they will be duo again, will have some work in this 2010. And for surprised me I found that Imai-niichan will have new single name "backbone"(if i'm not wrong) backborn and will be released in this february. Ok I'm fine with this..its fair since takki have done lots of single so this time for Imai!!!

Love this group!!!~
-Snow Prince Gasshoudan(11)

Very love this person!!~~~
-Miyake Ken
-Tsubasa Imai
-Morimoto Shintaro

I always look forward to this person~
-Okada Junichi
-Chinen Yuri
-Morimoto Ryutaro
-Otsuka Yuya

Sometime I also care for this person
-V6's members(always check in them!!)
-Domoto Koichi
-Nagase Tomoya
-Kyomoto Taiga
-Myuto Morita
-Snow Prince Gasshoudan's members
-and other Juniors and JE's debut group

If i have time I'll post the pictures~~~


15sept2009(food,drink in my life)

Tesshiro is pyan-pyan!!!

today(140909) i got to learn a lot in the school(i think!)...
well, i'm little fell to write about food and drink in my life..
what type of my favourite food and drink?
actually i dont like sweet..i'm really hate sweet..almost my food is less sugar..
because i dont like sweet, so i do no eat chocolate and cake but i still eat it sometime~
usually i do not add any sugar in my drink, is better i drink it with tasteless..
i not really know whats my fav food..but i'm very sure my best drink is fresh orange and milk!!
let me think for a while...maybe i love fried rice??hmmm

i wonder when takki will make performance together again with tsuba-niichan?
okada is sukebe!!!
kenken kawaii~~~~~~
finish watch koishite akuma...
V6 are adorable!!
i hate news lately....hate tesshi!!~~~
love gif pic, wanna make it but do not have any software to make it~~~

now i fell so sleepy and should take a sleep now..after i said my prayer then~~~



boring though theres a lot of thing i should do~~

i'm skip my class today (again!!), fell chotto boring there seem i got some problems with my friends..
since morning just wandering around internet searching for something interesting..
while take a look in
kyomototaiga  i found HD update video from tina-chan..
i love this performance, first time got to see taiga-otsuka interaction..,
tina-chan,you such a great in posting shounen club's performance, like others, oza-chan and kelwy..
i think long time not to see them performance.. i got problem when failed in download it..
hontou ni slow!! but i tried for the second time..hope this will work..

also found about v6..recently they got my heart..and i choose kenken for my lovely boy..
his voice so great! make me thinking to chinen..
their voice rather similar..neway, i found that inohara will having a baby, this is a good news!!
and for the really, i just know that inocchi married!!!! hahaha..what the stupid fans~~
i'm not really like okada..don't know what the reason is..

i just finish watch shintaro's part in drama koishite akuma, thx to
skyhoi35  for upload it..
cant wait for the dvd release, i do not really like to watch it online..
wow, love to see shintaro's acting in this drama..and yuma-shintaro relationship make me excited ^-^..
what about ryutaro's feeling when shintaro seem like got lots of job??
acting and perform....~

i'm also just posting something bout tackey&tsubasa, miss them so much..
dont know when they will mix again, takki still have solo performance till next year..
while they should separate?? have any communication problem between them?? i'm curious to know that..